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Military law is the term used to designate the body of case law, statutes, and regulations governing military personnel.

Our firm handles military cases at the trial level, on appeal, and in administrative matters. Two of our three lawyers are certified, experienced judge advocates (military lawyers) authorized to practice in all military jurisdictions worldwide. Both served on active duty as prosecutors and both served as Reservists either as a trial or appellate military judge. We are thoroughly familiar with the military justice and administrative systems.


Our lawyers have decades of experience representing people suspected, charged, or convicted of violating state law. Some of the more serious cases involve capital murder, murder, sexual assault, aggravated assault, intoxication assault, and other assaultive offenses.

We conduct a thorough investigation of the facts and the law relevant to each case and advocate zealously on our clients’ behalf to prevent charges, convince a judge or jury to acquit (find not guilty), or get the lowest sentence possible.


We handle complex investigations and trials involving federal enforcement and regulatory agencies, including the DOJ, FBI, SEC, IRS, and many others. We have experience in matters dealing with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), environmental issues, bank secrecy act, health care fraud, mail and wire fraud, anti-trust/price fixing, energy/commodities trading issues and other areas. We are often asked to represent officers or directors of public companies in internal as well as external investigations and have been successful in preventing many of our clients from being charged in the first place.


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