Welcome to Zimmermann & Zimmermann, PLLC Trials and Appeals in State, Federal, and Military Courts

Welcome to Zimmermann & Zimmermann, PLLC Trials and Appeals in State, Federal, and Military Courts

If you are accused, charged, or convicted of committing a crime, this is probably the most stressful and challenging time of your life. You need experienced, competent counsel to be with you every step of the way -- to protect your rights and make sure you get the defense you deserve. Our lawyers can help.

Types of Cases We Handle

We are experienced in handling trials and appeals in Texas, federal, and military courts nationwide. Types of cases include, but are not limited to:

  • sexual assault
  • murder
  • aggravated assault
  • assault on a family member
  • theft
  • military offenses such as being absent without leave, disrespect, conduct unbecoming an officer, and orders violations

Our Lawyers


Jack B. Zimmermann


Former USMC prosecutor and criminal trial judge 


Terri R. Zimmermann


Former USMC prosecutor, criminal trial judge, and criminal appellate judge 


Jim E. Lavine

Of Counsel

Former prosecutor in Chicago, Illinois and in Houston, Texas 

How to Proceed

If you or someone you love is facing prosecution for serious charges, or has been convicted of a crime, you owe it to yourself and your chances at continued freedom to waste no time in building a strong defense. Contact the criminal defense lawyers at Zimmermann & Zimmermann, PLLC today to schedule an initial consultation and to get the process of building that necessary defense started.

Experienced Counsel

Our lawyers have successfully fought for the underdog at trial and on appeal in state, federal, and military courts throughout the United States in cases ranging from capital murder to bank fraud. We have prosecuted and defended cases throughout the country for a combined total of over 100 years. We stay on the cutting edge of the law by teaching and participating in legal education seminars and conferences across the country. We serve in leadership positions in lawyer organizations at the local, state, and national levels. Our firm carefully limits the number of cases we accept so that all clients receive the attention and care that they deserve. Our fees are competitive, and based on the degree of difficulty of the case, the location of the tribunal, and the experience level of the particular lawyer handling the matter.

High-Profile Cases

Our trial and appellate attorneys consider each client's goals and remain ready in every case. We have handled high-profile cases all over the country and have established trial strategies that have proven to be effective with judges and juries. Our experience in handling high-profile cases is an invaluable asset to our clients. Sometimes, the case itself may be noteworthy. In other instances, the client may be newsworthy; for example, public figures, government officials, or professionals such as lawyers or doctors and senior military personnel. It is a delicate balance to represent the client zealously, handle the media, and protect the client's confidentiality and privacy in a highly publicized case.

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