Our State Practice

Our lawyers have decades of experience representing people suspected, charged, or convicted of violating state law. Some of the more serious cases involve capital murder, murder, aggravated assault, intoxication assault, and other assaultive offenses. Another common offense we handle is sexual assault, which not only carries severe penalties if the individual is convicted and collateral consequences such as sex offender registration, but is complicated by the fact that sometimes juries have a difficult time understanding how people can make false allegations.

We conduct a thorough investigation of the facts and the law relevant to each case and advocate zealously on our clients’ behalf to prevent charges, convince a judge or jury to acquit (find not guilty), or get the lowest sentence possible.

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Significant Cases

Below you will find real examples of our lawyers making a difference in people's lives. We have fought at trial, on appeal, or in a writ of habeas corpus for each individual or organization listed, among many others. Each case is different, and we cannot predict or guarantee a result in any particular case. However, below are examples of some of the most difficult cases we have handled:

  • State v. Vickie Daniel, acquitted at trial of murder (Liberty, Texas)
  • State v. Billy Ray Clore, charged with murder; probation at trial for attempted murder (Houston, Texas)
  • State v. Patti Latourette, acquitted at trial of murder, judge ordered acquittal (Houston, Texas)
  • State v. Henry Bowen, three capital murder convictions reversed on federal habeas corpus; dismissed on re-trial (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
  • State v. Jerry Watkins, murder charge dismissed on eve of trial; DA convicted of extortion (Athens, Texas)
  • State v. Wanda Holloway, probation at trial for solicitation of capital murder (Houston, Texas)
  • State v. Clemente Banuelos, cleared by state grand jury investigation of murder (Marfa, Texas)
  • State v. Gary Graham (Shaka Sankofa), represented on habeas corpus for 7 years of the 19 year effort to avoid death penalty for capital murder (Houston, Texas)
  • State v. Angel Maturino Resendiz, represented on hearing to determine mental competency to be executed for capital murder (Houston, Texas)
  • Client acquitted at trial of DWI, instructed verdict (Houston, Texas)
  • Client's murder conviction reversed on appeal (Floresville, Texas)
  • Client's felony DWI conviction reversed on appeal (Houston, Texas)
  • Client acquitted at trial of aggravated assault (Houston, Texas)
  • Client received probation at trial for intoxication manslaughter (Livingston, Texas)
  • Client received deferred adjudication probation for felony aggravated assault on pregnant wife (Conroe, Texas)
  • Client acquitted at trial of DWI (Houston, Texas)
  • Client's felony arson charge against Sheriff's Sergeant dismissed on eve of trial (Conroe, Texas)
  • Client's repeat offender DWI charge dismissed after motion to suppress evidence granted (Brenham, Texas)
  • Client acquittal at trial of failure to stop and render aid (Houston, Texas)
  • Client's DWI charge dismissed after motion to suppress evidence granted (Houston, Texas)
  • Lawyer defendant acquitted at trial of distribution of cocaine in less than one hour (Houston, Texas)
  • Client acquitted at trial of indecency with a child after first trial resulted in a hung jury (Houston, Texas)
  • Mother acquitted of family violence assault of her 16-year-old honor student daughter (Houston, Texas)
  • Grand jury no-bills of father accused of indecency with a child (his daughter and her friend) (Houston, Texas)
  • Client's felony possession of controlled substance charge dismissed at first court appearance due to illegal search, arrest expunged (Houston, Texas)
  • Client's felony assault family violence charge dismissed prior to trial (Houston, Texas)
  • Client received deferred adjudication community supervision for felony possession of child pornography (probation) (Conroe, Texas)
  • Client acquitted of driving while intoxicated (Houston, Texas)

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